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Outcome Tracking System


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The Outcome Tracking System (OTS) application captures how people who receive developmental disabilities services are spending their days.

OTS provides valuable data that will allow us to better understand what is happening for people with developmental disabilities in Ohio. It asks questions about:

  • Employment
    • People‚Äôs Place on the Path to Community Employment (PPCE)
    • Job Type
    • Average wages per hour/average hours per week
    • Benefits
    • Transportation
  • Community-Based Non-Work Services
    • Hours spent in the community
  • Facility-Based Non-Work Services
    • Hours spent in a facility

The information captured within OTS will allow the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) to align policies, procedures, and legislation that will help improve how people live, work, play, and thrive in their communities.

OTS has now recorded three years of data which will allow us to start to understand the trends and patterns of how people are spending their days. This data will also allow us to see the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic has had on employment and non-work services.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected many who have historically faced significant barriers to employment, including people with disabilities.

People with disabilities are more likely to have become unemployed due to the pandemic and less likely to return based on trends observed in previous recessions. Even if people with disabilities remain employed, the impacts of COVID-19 may make it hard for them to stay employed if they have underlying health conditions that may put them at an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

For further information for Reporting Period 2021, please select the data category from the main navigation pane above that you wish to learn more about.

There were 38,425 people that were pulled into the OTS application for the 2021 Reporting Period with a total of 41,561 Questionnaires.

This was a 6% decrease of the number of people and a 12% decrease in the number of Questionnaires from Reporting Period 2020.

We had a statewide completion rate of 72% in Reporting Period 2021, which is a 1% decrease from Reporting Period 2020.

As you navigate through the data categories, you will explore the OTS data through Tableau Visualizations.

These visualizations are often referred to as a viz or vizzes. These vizzes are interactive and allow you to filter or toggle between Reporting Periods or other criteria. Some vizzes also allow you to drill down further by hovering over a particular county. It may take a moment for a viz to load for the first time.

It is best to view these vizzes on a desktop if available to you.

Please reach out to your Community Life Engagement Project Manager if you have any questions. Thank you and happy data perusal.