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Outcome Tracking System


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Please see the following resources for the Outcome Tracking System. If you have further questions, please contact the Community Life Engagement Project Managers.

Outcome Tracking System Training

Outcome Tracking System User Guide

Outcome Tracking System Login Guide

Questions and Sub-Questions

Occupation Category Examples

OTS Definitions

OTS Employment Data for Reporting Period 2019 - Reporting Period 2021


15-day Pull Guidance for County Boards, ICFs, and DCs

15-day Pull Training

ADS Quality Pilot Resources

Statewide Completion Rates:

Monthly Q&A PowerPoint Presentations:

Outcome Tracking System (OTS) Trainings:

Training Topic Audience Training Date Training Time Registration Link If you have any issues, please contact:
OTS Training All OTS Users 2/26/2024 9am-1030am EmploymentFirst@dodd.ohio.gov
OTS Training All OTS Users 3/6/2024 2pm-330pm EmploymentFirst@dodd.ohio.gov
OTS Training All OTS Users 3/18/2024 2pm-330pm EmploymentFirst@dodd.ohio.gov

OTS Data Office Hours are available for County Boards, Providers, and ICFs/DCs to ask questions about the OTS application, data, and reports.

Users can sign up for 30-minute appointments. This time can be used for new user training, report questions, data questions, OTS entry questions, OTS access, and more!

Please use this link to sign up.

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities will hold a standing monthly virtual Q&A meeting to address any questions OTS Users may have regarding the OTS application and process.

This virtual Q&A meeting will be held on the last Wednesday of every month from 3pm-4pm, and registration is not required.

The meeting uses the same link each month, or you may call in at the number listed below.

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting


Conference ID: 945 757 082#

Video: 15-day pull training for County Board's and ICFs

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