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Outcome Tracking System

Facility-Based Employment

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Facility-Based Employment is when an individual is receiving employment services in a setting where the majority of employees have a disability and are receiving continuous job-related supports and supervision.

Examples of facility-based employment include:

  • Sheltered workshops
  • Work activity centers
  • Extended employment programs

In Reporting Period 2021, there were 4,870 people working in a facility-based job. This is a 30% increase from Reporting Period 2020.

There were 4,916 facility-based jobs in Reporting Period 2021, which is a 30% increase from Reporting Period 2020.

Facility-Based Employment

The visualization below breaks down the hours and wages for those facility-based jobs.

These bar charts represent the number of jobs and not the distinct count of people. You can view the number of people within the tooltip.

The column chart on the left-hand side shows the average hours worked per week. You can toggle between Reporting Periods by using the filter.

The bar chart on the left shows you the wages per hour for Reporting Period 2021.

For Reporting Period 2021, the majority of people were working 0-4.99 hours a week and were making $0-$4.99 an hour.

The overall statewide average for those in facility-based work made $6 an hour and worked 10 hours a week.

Facility-Based Employment - Average Hours and Wages