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Self Employment

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Self Employment is those individuals who operate their own business with or without supports.

Reporting Period 2021 shows that there were 75 people self-employed. This is a 142% increase from Reporting Period 2020.

Those Self-Employed were making an average of $16 an hour which is a 14% increase from Reporting Period 2020.

Those Self-Employed were working an average of 11 hours a week which is a 10% decrease from the previous Reporting Period.

Self Employment - Counts

The bubble chart below shows the different types of occupations that someone Self-Employed had during a Reporting Period. If you would like to look at the occupations from the previous Reporting Periods, please use the filter to change the Reporting Period.

In Reporting Period 2021, most people (31%) were working in an occupation that involves "Educational Instruction and Library" type jobs;

16% were working in "Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance" occupations;

15% of jobs were in the "Sales and Related";

9% were working in "Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media" occupations.

Self Employment - Occupations

The visualization below breaks down the hours and wages for those self employment jobs.

These bar charts represent the number of jobs and not the distinct count of people.

The column chart on the left-hand side shows the average hours worked per week. You can toggle between Reporting Period 2019 and 2020 by using the filter.

The bar chart in the middle shows the average wages per hour for Reporting Period 2019, and the bar chart on the left shows you the wages per hour for Reporting Period 2020.

For Reporting Period 2020, the majority of people were working 0-4.99 hours a week (29%) and were making $5-$8.69 an hour (32%).

The overall statewide average for those self employed made $14 an hour and worked 10 hours a week.

Self Employment - Hours and Wages