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Group Employment

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Group Employment is when individuals work as a team, generally at a single worksite of a host community business or industry, with initial training, supervision, and ongoing support provided by on-site staff.

There are three different types of Group Employment:

  1. Enclave
  2. Mobile Work Crew
  3. Provider Owned Business

Enclaves are where individuals work in a self-contained unit within a company or service site in the community or perform multiple jobs in the company, but are not integrated with non-disabled employees of the company.

Mobile Work Crews are where individuals operate together as a distinct unit and/or self-contained businesses working in several locations within the community.

Provider Owned Business is where individuals work individually or as a team at a single community business or industry where the Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver provider or the ICF Day Services Provider is also the employer (i.e. issues the paycheck to the individual employee).

In Reporting Period 2021, there were 1,499 people working in 1,577 jobs classifed as Group Integrated. This is a 17% increase in the number of people, and a 20% increase in the number of jobs from Reporting Period 2020.

60% of Group Integrated jobs were Enclaves, while 25% were Provider Owned Businesses, and 15% were Mobile Work Crews.

Group Integrated Employment - Counts and Types

This visualization shows you the different types of group integrated jobs and their respective average hours and wages for Reporting Period 2021.

Enclave jobs paid an average of $8 an hour, and those employed worked an average of 16 hours a week.

Mobile Work Crew positions paid an average of $9 an hour, and those employed worked an average of 10 hours a week.

Provider Owned Business jobs paid an average of $7 per hour, and those employed worked an average of 11 hours per week.

Group Integrated Job Types - Average Hours and Wages

Of the 1,499 people who have a group integrated job, 29% (431) were eligible to receive fringe benefits. Of the 459 people eligible to receive fringe benefits, 28% (426) were receiving at least one fringe benefit.

Of the 2,316 group integrated jobs, 29% (459) are eligible to receive at least one fringe benefit, and 96% (452) of those jobs are also receiving at least one benefit.

Group Integrated Employment - Fringe Benefits

The below visualization shows the breakdown of the fringe benefits for those who were in a group integrated job for the 2021 Reporting Period.

If you would like to see the fringe benefits for the previous Reporting Period, please use the filter.

Of the 2,316 group integrated jobs, 14% (334) were eligible for fringe benefits.

Of those 334 jobs eligible to receive fringe benefits, 96% (322) provided at least one type of fringe benefit to the employee.

The treemap shows the different combinations of fringe benefits for those group integrated jobs that were receiving at least one type of benefit in September 2021. The top three fringe benefits were:

Paid Time Off (70%);

Employee Discounts and Paid Time Off (18%); and

Employee Discounts(10%).

Group Integrated Employment - Type of Fringe Benefits Received

In Reporting Period 2021, 75% (1,175) of group integrated job employers were also a Medicaid provider. This is a 21% increase from Reporting Period 2020.

Group Integrated Employment - Medicaid Provider